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Guys wouldn’t like to hear this but, men are less healthy than women in practically any measure. The difference increases as men cross the 50-year mark. It is a crucial time for men to make a difference to their future health.

A man age 50 has a significantly high risk of developing deadly diseases than he did 10 years earlier. Listed here are top health risks for men over the age of 50.


1. Prostate Cancer

Men over 50 years of age are at a 40% increased risk of prostate cancer, according to The National Cancer Society. The prostate is a gland sited near the bladder and penis of a man. There are other factors too that can cause prostate cancer in men such as- dietary fat, vasectomy, sexual activity and personal family history. A digital rectal exam can help diagnose this health hazard.

2. Colon Cancer

The astonishing stats by Men’s Health report that 90% cases of colon cancer are diagnosed in men over 50. It ranks as the third most common cancer in America and causes the second highest cancer related deaths. Men over 50 must get tested for a faecal occult blood test (FOBT) every year and a sigmidoscopy every 5 years to detect colon cancer risk early.


3. Coronary Heart Diseases

Age puts men at 40% increased risk for heart diseases. The National Heart Association reports that as men age their bodies blood vessels narrow and harden. Plaque builds up on the walls of vessels limiting blood flow to the heart. Men over 50 must get their heart checked at least once a year, and monitor blood pressure daily in order to detect any heart ailment early.

4. Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer poses as a huge risk for ageing men. The main function of pancreas is to produce hormones such as insulin that metabolizes blood sugar levels. Pancreatic poses to be a very deadly disease because it does not show any symptoms until the later stages. One can only keep a check on their blood sugar levels in order to detect the onset of pancreatic cancer.


5. Osteoporosis

When a man turns 50, his chances of getting osteoporosis are 50% higher than that of a man in his 40s. Osteoporosis is marked by weakening of bones associated with deteriorating bone mass. In order to prevent osteoporosis, one must not be devoid of calcium. Calcium not only aids in bone mass rebuilding but may also reverse the effects of osteoporosis. Suggested amount of calcium is 1200mg daily for men age 50 and over.


6. Erectile Dysfunction

Medscape estimates that men over 50 are 48% likely to experience erectile dysfunction. They find it difficult to achieve an erection or even an orgasm. These health problems are associated with the slowing of blood flow throughout the body. Science has however developed stimulants to help reverse this side effect of aging.

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7. Depression

Factors like loss of mobility, erectile dysfunction, decline in energy and pessimism contribute in causing a man to fall in and out of a depressed state. Men over 50 sometimes start to lose their social standings as the younger generation takes over this could lead to depression. Depression is one of my top 10 health risks for aging men due to the little recognition this harmful disease receives. Recognition of depression is the first step to treatment.

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