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Body composition is the up-and-coming thing in health medicine and fitness. But…what is body composition? Body composition is the method of describing what the body is made of, including fat, protein, minerals and body water. 

What is body composition

According to the four component model, a person’s body breaks down into water, protein, minerals, and fat. The human body is made up of mostly water. Your fat, muscles, blood, and other bodily fluids all contain water.

Your body contains minerals which are primarily contained in two places: in the blood stream and inside the bone. Fat is your stored energy. These four components are grouped into two categories such as fat mass and fat-free mass. Fat-free mass is all the mass in your body that is not attributed to fat. Your Fat-free Mass contains a variety of different components: all your internal organs, skeletal muscle mass, and body water. Fat mass allows the body to store energy, protects internal organs, acts as an insulator and regulates body temperature.

Nobody can have zero percent body fat. Maintaining too low or two high body fat percentages is generally regarded as inadvisable for long-term health.

The Inbody result sheet lets you know exactly what your body is made of using the four components by breaking down your weight, focusing on percent body fat, showing muscle development and using BMR to help fine tune your diet.

Break down your weight Muscle-Fat Analysis breaks down your weight into pounds of skeletal muscle mass and body fat mass. Skeletal muscle mass is the muscle you can work out at the gym.

What is body composition 2

Body fat mass and skeletal muscle mass are the largest components of body weight and also important indicators for your health. Aim for your SMM to be in the normal or over range and BFM in the normal or under range.